Tips, Tricks, and Insights From The Team

Tips, Tricks, and Insights From The Team

Saasprenuer Blog™

Saasprenuer Blog™

How to support your users and remain PROFITABLE

So let's say you sign up ten users in one week. AWESOME! You got some money in the bank, a good recurring chunk, but then you realize you have ten individuals/companies that are going to rely on your company for resources and support...

Customizing Your GoHighLevel UI & Dashboard

Out of the box, the GoHighLevel UI can be a little intimidating for non-technical users. It's true and it's not a secret. The great part of GHL, is that you can use JavaScript to sharpen thing up! Here's a quick guide on how to do it yourself if you're a coder.

What To Include In The PERFECT Saas Landing Page

Just slap a Wordpress template and we're all good right? Nah. Good luck attracting users and positioning your Saas as one of a kind with that line of thinking. Learn how to convert better by building an awesome Saas landing page.

Epic Workflow That Follow Up On Your Failed Cards

Dang, we hate chasing them cards. However, this is a reality for the Saas world. HighLevel has some awesome features on the roadmap horizon to combat this, but until then... here's what we recommend setting up for any bad cards on file.

What Should You Go Over On Your Onboarding Calls?

Sometimes it's good to do onboarding calls if you're giving your client the entire feature rich HighLevel platform. If so, you'll want to go over some of those features and explain your framework on an onboarding call to set expectations.

Should You Go Niche-Less (horizontal) Or In A Vertical?

There's pros and cons to both. We built LeadDragon using a horizontal approach but it was very painful and we had to use niche-specific landing pages for certain markets. Overall, if you're going horizontal, we want to say...

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