A-Z on transitioning into a Saasprenuer

A-Z on transitioning into a Saasprenuer

SAAS Mini Course

SAAS Mini Course

The SAAS Mini Course Is Free To Access, there is a more advanced version of it with lessons that go a bit further and are more tactical and strategic.

You Can Purchase The Full Course For $497

Course Curriculum

Selling SAAS vs Agency Services 1.0

1.1 The Things To Know About The SAAS Business Model

1.2 Why HighLevel's SAAS Mode Makes Sense

1.3 Picking A Vertical or Niche vs Going Horizontal

1.4 Using SAAS Mode For Non-Marketing SAAS Purposes

1.5 Definitions Of Various SAAS Metrics

Branding Your SAAS 2.0

2.1 Picking A Good Memorable Name For Your Niche

2.2 It's The Little Details That Matter

2.3 Customizing & Making Your Dashboard Branded With CSS šŸ”’

2.4 Building Out Your Brand Kit šŸ”’

Selling Your SAAS 3.0

3.1 Building The Perfect SAAS Website & Landing Page

3.2 Analyzing SAAS Websites Together

3.3 Getting Users The Demo Way šŸ”’

3.4 Getting Users The Demoless Way šŸ”’

3.5 Finding Potential Users Via Twitter šŸ”’

3.6 Getting Users By Making Your Clients Feel Special šŸ”’

3.7 How Much Should You Sell Your Saas Plans For? šŸ”’

Marketing Your SAAS 4.0

4.1 Setting Up Your SAAS Retargeting Ads

4.2 Getting Into The SAAS Content Framework šŸ”’

4.3 How To Build Easy eBooks For Lead Magnets šŸ”’

4.4 Build An Affiliate Program For Your SAAS šŸ”’

4.5 How To Easily Create Your First Evergreen "Masterclass" šŸ”’

Servicing Your SAAS 5.0

5.1 Language To Use On Onboarding Calls & Setting Expectations

5.2 SAAS Metrics To Be Aware Of

5.3 Building Your Resources Tab & Third Party Tools / Services We Use šŸ”’

5.4 Building A User Success Framework šŸ”’

5.4 Making Your SAAS Extra Sticky šŸ”’

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