Epic Workflow That Follow Up On Your Failed Cards

Epic Workflow That Follow Up On Your Failed Cards

Dang, we hate chasing cards. However, this is a reality for the Saas world. HighLevel has some awesome features on the roadmap horizon to combat this, but until then… Here’s what we recommend setting up for any bad cards on file. But before, make sure you have a pipeline that clearly organizes all of your active, churned, and potential users. Something like this:

  • Watched Demo
  • Booked Live Demo
  • Signed Up
  • Churned
  • Not Interested (Nurturing)

With that out of the way, let’s go to the first point.

Setup a stage inside of your pipeline for failed cards

This one is super simple to do, every time someone registers a “Failed” card on their stripe customer ID, you can trigger a zap ( to automatically move them to the pipeline stage “Failed Card” instead of keeping them in your active users pipeline stage via a workflow.

Add a reminder text or email in that failed card workflow

Also, within that same exact workflow, you’re able to send the client a quick text with a loom reminding them to update the card on file in the billing section of their settings. This works great especially if you have their name in that text / email with custom fields.

Add a voicemail drop in the failed card workflow

Okay, this one is tricky. You can add a pre-recorded generic voicemail file to drop to their phone number. However, do expect to receive calls back. We did this one time and got flooded. We would encourage you to instead use this as a last resort for people that are about to get behind in two months. Create it as a workflow without a trigger and create a smart list for people that are in the failed card stage and do a database reactivation on them.

If you’re using the SAAS Mode inside of HighLevel, you’ll know that at the moment, no third-party tool like ProfitWell or even Stripe card capture forms work. It will update the card in Stripe, but it won’t update it currently in the membership billing section. This means your user will still get the failed card notifications even AFTER they update it with any of the above third party tools.

The good thing folks, is that HighLevel is planning on fixing this and our woes of bad cards, churn, and nightmares chasing users are going to be behind us soon. We have good word that this is on the immediate roadmap to get fixed soon, but until then, this might just be the best solution. We CAN’T WAIT until we can auto-lock users from accessing their account without updating the card. Or at least turn off the permissions. It’s going to be freaking awesome. This can all be avoided though by selling annual plans as well, but then again, there’s pros and cons to that as well. It’s best if you go over the card and rebilling on your onboarding calls to ensure they understand how to update any billing info.

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