The best way to support your users and stay profitable

The best way to support your users and stay profitable

So let’s say you sign up ten users in one week. AWESOME! You got some money in the bank, a good recurring chunk, but then you realize you have ten individuals/companies that are going to rely on your company for resources and support. It’s not easy if you’re in a niche and users aren’t that technical.

The answer to supporting your users in an efficient, well-handled, and PROFITABLE manner can first be addressed in how you set expectations for that user. In your SOPs, do you let them know you have a live chat? Or a dedicated support email? We sure hope you didn’t give them your personal email or phone number…

The real answer comes at the cost of creating dedicated support resources under on “resources” tab in the menu. In your onboarding or demo SOPs, it’s important to reference this to the end user so they know by habit where to go when they get stuck. That’s the first key.

So what do you include in that tab? Well, we’ll tell you what we did that worked for LeadDragon. We have our Office Hours Weekly Training Link, Our FastTrack Course, Short Digestible Masterclasses, & of course a calendar they can book for a paid support call (priority/coaching).

It’s important you develop these crucial pieces of content with your account branding. We’re a big fan of Matt Deseno’s HLPro Tool Resources! We use their white label help library docs, since it goes straight into the features and not the actual dashboard. We also have their live chat, which probably saves us about 100 hours of work a month. Seriously.

With that being said, we highly recommend using a third-party service like Matt’s but we encourage you to also make your own user-facing loom videos, mini course, and even offer once a week or bi–weekly training. These are all upsell opportunities too and churn mitigation strategies so it’s not all bad. Along with those resources we also have a YouTube Channel and a weekly newsletter highlighting a feature. Some folks we’ve seen go as far as creating a private Facebook Group, but in our opinion, that opens a big can of worms where users can vent, mention GoHighLevel (Yikes), and not to mention you have to vet everyone who wants access and kick people out who aren’t users anymore. You really can’t go wrong with Matt. You can even ask them about their dedicated agent services if you’re REALLY advanced and have lots of users to support in a very niche industry. (just say we sent you!)

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