The ultimate resource to customizing your GoHighLevel dashboard

The ultimate resource to customizing your GoHighLevel dashboard

Out of the box, the GoHighLevel UI can be a little intimidating for non-technical users. It’s true and it’s not a secret. The awesome thing about HighLevel is that you’re able to customize the look and user interface of the platform using JavaScript. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it yourself if you’re a coder.

For LeadDragon, we tried the DIY solution and if we’re being honest, like 99% of DIY UI customizations, it looked tacky and out of place. We wanted our platform to truly stand out and make it easy for our users to know where everything was at. That’s why we went with James River’s Titan Media team to help us design an awesome UI for our LeadDragon brand.

We were able to customize the icons, names of each section, and he even came up with a color UI that matched out brand guidelines. We have a small maintenance plan with him that is super affordable and helps iron out any updates as GoHighLevel adds features. For us, this is a no-brainer for any SAAS mode entrepreneur that wants to level up their dashboard. Click below to know more about the service and set up fee.

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