What Should You Go Over On Your Onboarding Calls?

What Should You Go Over On Your Onboarding Calls?

Sometimes it’s good to do onboarding calls if you’re giving your client the entire feature rich HighLevel platform. Ah yes, onboarding calls. If you’re throwing the kitchen sink at your users AKA every single feature that HighLevel offers, then nine times out of ten you’re going to need to help them understand the platform. ESPECIALLY if they’re on SaaS mode.

I mean, things that seem simple to us, are not going to be simple for the average user. It’s going to be important to go over some quick-wins, simple integrations, and do some things for them. Also, this will mean setting expectations for how the software is to be used. If not, you’ll get in a vicious cycle where THEY are paying for the software and YOU’RE the end user. Not a good place to be, trust us.

Make them download the LeadConnector App (Or your white label app)

This is extremely important if your user is not the end user. What this means is that your user is not the one behind the desk using your Saas. You still want them to get notifications and this is how. Also, make the receptionist or any other admin / operator download the app as well so they can be involved in the messages and notifications.

Connect their Facebook / Instagram / GMB

Apart from these just being plain good integrations for them, you’ll want to either set these up and connect it for them, or give it to them as “Homework” and make some Loom guides on how to exactly set these up. We do this on the calls and the inbound leads they get, we totally take credit for the pipelines. We also set up autoresponders via the app so it’s a win-win-win all around.

Import their customers + make custom fields

One way to get them excited is by doing a database reactivation to get more Google reviews. Another way small business owners get excited is just having their customers in one place neatly organized and accessible. Each business and vertical is going to be different, so each niche needs its own custom field. This is an opportunity for you to understand them better and create custom fields for data they actually give a rip about. If you’re vertically positioned in your Saas, this can easily be made as a snapshot.

Set expectations and train them on how to use your resources

Last but not least, make sure you show them how to get access to the stellar support and resources you have for them. I would highly encourage you to have some type of support / live chat available. Hit us up if you need any recommendations. Personally, we use Matt Deseno’s so, you’ll want to go over some of those features and explain your framework on an onboarding call to set expectations.

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