HighLevel Conversational AI vs ZappyChat

HighLevel Conversational AI vs ZappyChat

As someone deeply immersed in the world of marketing and technology, I understand the pivotal role conversational AI plays in shaping our industry. In our quest for excellence, we’ve closely examined two heavyweight contenders: ZappyChat and HighLevel’s Native Conversational AI. Let me share my perspective on this showdown. 

ZappyChat: A Proven 3rd Party Plugin

For us at BrandLyft Marketing, LeadDragon, & FormWise.AI, ZappyChat has emerged as an exceptional ally in our marketing endeavors. Particularly with our SaaS offer, we usually bundle it together or we resell it as an add on. We got a 24-hour ROI the day after signing up for ZappyChat. The seamless integration with HighLevel sets it apart from other chatbot solutions requiring you glueing together solutions in Zapier or Make. This enables us to swiftly deploy bots using our own snapshots and workflow adjustments. As I delved into ZappyChat’s capabilities, one thing that truly stood out was its remarkably straightforward installation process. It’s all in the snapshot. You don’t need to be a tech guru to get ZappyChat up and running effectively.

Here’s the steps!

  1. Load in Snapshot: First and foremost, you simply load in a snapshot they give you. (you can edit it later, we have our own custom one)
  2. Update 4 Custom Values: ZappyChat then guides you through updating four custom values. These values allow you to fine-tune your chatbot’s responses, making them align perfectly with your brand’s unique voice and messaging style. Also connecting it to your ZappyChat dashboard.
  3. Input Client URL for the Scraper: This step is where the magic happens. You input your client’s URL, and ZappyChat’s web scraping capabilities come into play. The scraper generates FAQs by extracting valuable insights from the client’s website. This is a game-changer, as most clients are lazy when generating a CSV file or list of FAQs for you.

One of ZappyChat’s standout features is its flexible OpenAI integration. With API keys per subaccount and wholesale API usage costs, it streamlines our operations and simplifies cost management, a godsend for us. As SaaS owners, we didn’t want to make any pennies off the rebilling. We personally hate rebilling and avoid it as much as possible. I didn’t want our users asking what we were nickel and dimming them with this time. Some agency owners prefer to get their client’s OpenAI API keys but I personally prefer to bear the OpenAI usage cost as an agency / SaaS. That’s just how I roll.

Here’s some more cool things about ZappyChat:

Access to multiple GPT engines, including GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4, provides the versatility we need. Each interaction can be tailored to perfection, aligning with our clients’ unique requirements.

ZappyChat’s ‘no Zapier required’ approach is a blessing. It eliminates the complexities of third-party integrations, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

Moreover, ZappyChat offers extensive training capabilities, allowing us to fine-tune bots by uploading CSV files. This level of customization ensures our bots echo our brand’s unique voice.

The ability to scrape data from URLs for enriched knowledge is a game-changer. It’s like giving our bots an encyclopedia to enhance their interactions.

We cherish ZappyChat’s support system, with daily support calls and responsive email assistance. It’s reassuring to know that help is just a call or email away. We’ve also had great support personally with Andrew and his team.

Competitive pricing, starting at $197 per month per subaccount, with an enticing unlimited sub account plan at $497 per month. Many of our clients find the value to be more than worth the investment as we resell it at $297/mo for an add on to our already $297/mo SaaS offer. For $497/mo they get our CRM and a done-for-you bot setup. (We eat the fees)

The OpenAI API key per bot thing is cool because if we know we will have a super high volume client, I know we can just ask them to get their own API key. 

But here’s the kicker for SaaS owners: ZappyChat’s FAQs training widget can be effortlessly embedded inside HighLevel. It’s an intuitive interface where non-tech-savvy users can test their chats. To ensure smooth sailing, we’ve chosen to lock ZappyChat workflows just as a precaution. Depending on the client, we may lock these workflows too to prevent any accidental mishaps. HighLevel’s conversational AI resides in its dedicated HighLevel tab, controlled as a workflow action and I believe it can be locked as a user permission.

According to Andrew, ZappyChat’s co-founder, ZC is currently working in Q&A a feature where the bot will be able to read contact data and also read round robin calendars and assign appointments for specific users. That’s an exciting development.

DragonChat: Our White Labeled Fishing Pole Channel

But that’s not all. We’ve taken our commitment to innovation a step further. With ZappyChat, we’ve ventured into white labeling, introducing it as another brand and an additional “fishing pole” channel for our LeadDragon users, aptly named “DragonChat.” DragonChat represents the evolution of conversational AI as a strategic asset in our arsenal. It allows us to provide our LeadDragon users with yet another powerful tool to bolster their marketing efforts.

HighLevel’s Native Conversational AI: A Budget-Friendly Challenger

HighLevel’s native conversational AI is no slouch either. Its seamless integration into the platform ensures a cohesive experience for HighLevel users. However, the GHL platform doesn’t give you the option to use your own API key. It’s worth noting that the HighLevel platform lacks the flexibility to use your own API key, which can be a limiting factor for businesses with specific integration requirements. In contrast, ZappyChat offers the freedom to manage API keys per subaccount, providing a more tailored and versatile experience.

The upcoming unlimited bot add-on priced at $49 per month is a budget-friendly option. However, it’s important to note that this feature will likely be tied to the GPT-3.5 turbo engine. (However it would be cool if HighLevel gave us unlimited GPT-4 for ONLY $49/mo)

There’s one caveat, though, that we find a bit disappointing. Currently, the HighLevel bot doesn’t book appointments but rather sends calendar links. It’s a minor drawback that we hope HighLevel will address in future updates. 

Channel Versatility 

Here’s a crucial distinction: at present, HighLevel’s conversational AI only works for the SMS channel, while ZappyChat shines across multiple channels. ZappyChat effortlessly integrates with the SMS Channel, Google My Business (GMB), and Facebook/Instagram Direct Messages (DMs). This versatility is invaluable, as it allows us to engage with our audience on the platforms they prefer, providing a seamless and cohesive experience across channels. It’s worth noting that HighLevel will probably extend channels as they iron out their product.

The Cost vs. Flexibility Equation

The crux of the matter is cost and flexibility. Currently, HighLevel’s markup on AI can be up to 20 times OpenAI to the agency. This made us crunch the numbers. It’s a volume and mathematical consideration. For us, the break-even point for workflows was around 1000 executions per month. For conversations and AI appointment settings, it’s about the length of a typical conversation and expected back-and-forth.

In summary, ZappyChat offers a robust, flexible, and cost-effective solution, especially for those who demand diverse AI interactions and customization. HighLevel’s native AI presents a promising budget-friendly option, particularly for businesses that can work within the constraints of the GPT-3.5 turbo engine.

The choice ultimately hinges on your business needs and budget. One thing is clear: conversational AI is shaping the future of digital marketing, and the possibilities are boundless. And for the record, ZappyChat doesn’t need Zapier, simplifying the setup even further. Zappychat is easy to integrate. You can basically get everything set up and ready to go in less than 30 minutes. The simplicity of ZappyChat’s integration is a game-changer. Within a short timeframe, you can have your bot’s up and running, engaging with your audience seamlessly. This speed of deployment allows you to stay agile in your marketing strategies.

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