What To Include In The PERFECT Saas Landing Page

What To Include In The PERFECT Saas Landing Page

Designing the perfect SAAS landing page isn’t easy. The good thing is that there’s amazing examples online. Basically google any SAAS in your industry even if that tool is solving a different pain point. It will give you an idea of the copy and language to use, the branding, and the specific pain points they address. If you’re in a niche, you’ll definitely want to use industry relevant language. Here’s a few must-haves for the perfect SAAS landing page / home page.

Comparison Chart vs Industry Solutions

This is important. You’ll want to compare your tool with other tools the current niche is using to send emails, SMS, scheduling, etc. Depending how you’re positioning the SAAS, you can easily showcase how many more features your SAAS has or how much cheaper it is, or how easier it is to use. It doesn’t always have to be a pricing comparison, although those are great. Just don’t get caught up in replacing generic tools they use. Your SAAS will come off as less niche-specific instead. Another interesting section you could add is industry specific integrations. For example, if you’re in real estate you could add a Zillow integration or BoomTown.

Niche Specific “Solution” Section

This section should be a explainer video or a small section illustrating how your tool specifically fits the context of your target niche. Unfortunately this may be the ONLY section your potential site visitor even pays attention to, so it’s pretty important. If you’re targeting course-creators, it would look something like this:

We replace every course & membership platform online at the fraction of the cost with easy migrations and powerful features that will help you retain your students and sell more courses in three simple steps.

  • Add your courses & digital products
  • Build an amazing conversion ready funnel for each product
  • Reactivate existing and potential customers for more revenue

The best part? We do everything for you with our onboarding program.

See how easy that was? Illustrate it in checkpoints, images, graphs, videos, etc.

Beautiful Pricing Tables

This is a given. EVERY SAAS site needs to have beautiful pricing tables. If you half-ass this, you’ll look generic and unprofessional. Put some dang effort in illustrating the difference between all of your plans. Make it easy to digest and read and understand. Even experiment putting a really high ticket plan there and you’ll be surprised how many people may bite.

Testimonials Section

Another important section. Starting out it may be difficult to make this section nice and juicy. We recommend in the beginning to partner with potential customers and let them get access to your “BETA” program. You should do this for the first 3-5 and give them a free discount or a deep one at that for a few months in exchange for some testimonials about your SAAS tool. If you already have an agency, you could just tap into your existing clientele. This takes effort but it will go a long way to adding authority and legitimacy to your landing page.

Watch Demo / Free Training Section

If they aren’t ready to swallow the entire hook, at least give them something to nibble and ponder on. Set up a form on a “Watch Demo” page and redirect that form to a page that has you explaining the platform in ten minutes for their niche on a Loom video that is embedded.

If you’re in a really good niche, and you understand what makes them buy, you could position this instead of a demo, with a training video on how to book more appointments, close more deals, get more reviews, etc with your SAAS tool. Again, the more specific the better and harder hitting it is. It goes without saying but don’t forget to add those opt-ins from the form to a follow up workflow that shoots them an email or text on what they thought of the demo and invite them to a live one.

So here’s just a few things we think should always go on a SAAS landing page. You don’t want to overcomplicate it. These sections cover most of your bases.

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